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Industrial dust collectors are an efficient and cost effective way to maintain a high standard for clean air in your warehouse, office building, manufacturing facility, plant or other commercial or industrial space. We provide quality solutions for your environmental needs, such as industrial dust collectors, air purification and filtering, and a wide array of industrial vacuum products to handle almost any situation.

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> Asbestos Abatement is a manufacturer of leading dust collectors, featuring sizes from 500 CFM (.75 HP) up to 4000 CFM (10 HP). Our company also manufactures many other related products, such as continuous duty high-pressure industrial vacuums (ranging from 1.5 HP to 12.5 HP), all available with optional HEPA filtration for demanding applications or hazardous materials. Because we are a manufacturer and not simply a reseller or distributor, our engineers can customize your system to specific needs and tolerances...[learn more]

Our products are tested each day both in our development facility and in the field. We have provided a partial list of prior and current clients who already enjoy our satisfaction guarantee as well as the peace of mind that comes from having quality industrial dust collectors, industrial continous duty high-pressure vacuums and other HEPA air cleaning equipment...[learn more]

We also invite inquiries from distributors and Original Equipment Manufacturers. We can design industrial dust collectors, industrial vacuums and HEPA air cleaners to meet your particular requirements. Factory-direct pricing and volume discounts are available...[learn more]


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